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Natural FLX 5000

Price: $30.00
1 Qt
Part Number: 30
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Feature: Horse Joint Supplement to Prevent Joint Damage

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Natural FLX 5000 is a horse joint supplement that targets the health and recovery of cartilage and joint related issues. This equine joint supplement with hyaluronic acid is scientifically formulated to improve support viscosity of the joint fluid, producing an analgesic effect on the horse joints.

It also has a positive effect on the bones and cartilage development, providing visible results in as little as 5-7 days.

Primary Benefits:
  • Maintains adequate articular function
  • Assists in the recovery of the cartilaginous matrix in injured joints
  • Re-hydrates and protects the cartilage and articular tissue
  • Creates a natural analgesic effect
  • Stimulates the anabolism of chondrocytes
  • Stimulates the development of bones and cartilage in colts

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