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Supplementals Source of Vitamins

1oz  / 30 Grams. Syringe


Bleader Guard was scientifically developed for equine purposes; this dietary formula acts as a supplemental source of essential vitamins and bioflavonoids for horses. It's highly recommended for racehorses as it increases their energy levels to maximize their workouts

This horse supplementals source vitamins performance supplement will allow you to maximize your training and better prepare your equine for any competition. Bleader Guard will boost energy levels in your performance horses.

Primary Benefits:

  • Optimizes muscles
  • Boosts energy


Packed with essential minerals and vitamins, Bleader Guard is a great way to give your horse a special blend of high-value electrolytes, vitamins, amino acids, sugars and salt that are easily absorbed giving your horse the energy levels needed to maximize its workouts. Bleader Guard from Saratoga is a pre-race/competition energy booster syringe for all horses.

1/2 of a Syringe 24 hours prior to exercise
Remaining 1/2 of Syringe 3 hours prior to exercise
Administer contents into the back of the mouth

Calcium Gluconate, Vitamin K3
Sodium Ascorbate, Capsella Bursa Pastoris
Bioflavanoid Water Soluble Compound
Cherry flavor natural gum base

Supplement to Boost Horse Energy Levels with Vitamins and Bioflavonoids

Bleader Guard Paste - Supplementals Source of Vitamins & Bioflavonoids


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