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Gas Colic in Horses

Equi-Spaz Paste offers rapid and safe relief for gas colic in horses, acting within 15 minutes.

It serves as an excellent digestive supplement, ideal for all horses, effectively preventing gas buildup and soothing digestive issues.

With potent ingredients like Pancreatic Enzyme E and essential nutrients,

it prevents and relieves gas buildup. Colic, characterized by abdominal pain, stems from various causes including dietary factors and stress.

Recognizing symptoms such as reduced manure production is crucial for prompt intervention.

Treatment varies depending on severity, with options including NSAIDs and fluid therapy.

Prevention is key, involving strategies like gradual diet changes and stress management. Understanding and addressing colic is essential for horse owners to safeguard their animals' well-being.

Equi Spaz - Gas colic in horses Relieves in 15 minutes


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