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Stress Anti Acid

Ulser-Eze is a distinctive digestive supplement devised to provide strong stomach tissue and gut health. By facilitating to retain the correct pH, despite high starch diets, this horse supplement will help stimulate an optimal intestinal atmosphere and boost appetite.

It is presently thought that virtually all horses in training is agonizes from meager gut health due to their restricted routines and low fiber nourishments. UlserEze contains a unique combination of anti-acid and anti-gas ingredients that relieves discomforts of digestive and gut problems in horses.

Primary Benefits:

  • Helps form a protective film
  • Eliminates gases from the digestive tract
  • Reduces stress from upset stomachs

Help Prevent Gas Build and Indigestion in Horses 

This is the best supplement to ease your horse's gut problem. Ulser-Eze helps with gas build-up and relieves your horse from digestive discomforts by eliminating gases from their digestive tract and creating a protective film that will help reduce and digestive stresses.

For Oral Use Only
Recommended dosage is:

4 Tablespoons twice daily for mature horses
2 Tablespoons twice daily for colts
Unless otherwise specified by a Veterinarian

Purified Water, Calcium Bicarbonate, Magnesium Oxide, Santana Gum
Methylparaben, Propylparaben, natural apple flavor, Yellow #5

UlserEze - Race Horse Formula for Stress Anti Acid Anti Gas


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